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Days Out



Between Morlaix and Carhaix, to the west of the house, just off the D764 in Brittany is the small town of Huelgoat.

Huelgoat's main attraction is its beautiful enchanted forest.straight out of some Artherian legend.
Literally just off the town center and covering an area of 6 square miles the forest of Huelgoat is full of gigantic mossy boulders which have to be seen to be believed.

To access the forest just walk from the town down to the bridge, just a few steps across the road takes you into the forest. 

There are plenty of paths and trails clearly marked around the forest, where you can walk from stone to stone, taking in the magic nature of the forest.

Worth a look is the Grotte Du Diable or Cave of the Devil. Here the water from the lake falls dramatically 30 foot below ground into a large cavern, the noise of the water is amazing.

Follow the river and it goes underground for a short distance before it reappears in the forest, forming fairy pools with stepping stones and small bridges.

Further into the forest is Le Camp d'Artus an ancient hill fort and supposedly one of King Arthur's many last resting places and the La Roche Tremblante a massive boulder weighing 137 tonnes which is precariously balanced in such a way that it can be 
be rocked by the weight of just one person - if you can find the exact place to push against it.

In amongst the forest are a couple of pleasent cafes and plenty of quiet picnic places. Well worth a trip out for the day.



There are plenty of small markets that take place in the area. Most of these are all year round, and are not to far from the house.

Pontivy has a market that takes place on a monday.

Rostrenen has a weekly market through the whole of the year on Tuesday Mornings.

Gouarec has a weekly market on friday evenings.

Loudeac has a weekly market on fridays.

Bon Repos has a weekly market from April to October. The market is situated right next to the Abbey on Sunday morning.